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Grace Mutandwa is a writer and a feminist. A former Arts Editor on Zimbabwe’s Financial Gazette she also ran an enthralling and provocative column, Chilling Out, which was published by the same paper. Grace is a free spirit who could comfortably live in a library devouring books.

Writing feeds my soul, heals my heart and keeps me sane.

— Grace Mutandwa


The Power and the Glory

This is a candid and wise book, full of illuminating illustrations drawn from a wide range of rich experiences. Through these memoirs Grace is sharing her personal experiences as well as making a historical and social study of Zimbabwe. In an engaging tone, The Power and Glory covers the media, politics, the emotive land issue, family and love. It looks at life under the only leader Zimbabweans have known.

Oh Daniel

Grace Mutandwa writes about passion, friendship, poisoned love and betrayal in captivating and simple but enthralling language. She masterfully delves into the enduring strength of the human spirit, artistically writes about the trials and tribulations of an emotionally broken African wife. This is powerfully sentimental and will speak to the heart of every woman who has ever had to live for others and any woman who has experienced the soul crushing pain of ceding the power of choice to family, the church and peers.


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